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ACT for all

As a civic-minded company, Air Liquide strives to ensure that everything it does is in the interests of its stakeholders and, beyond that, of society as a whole.

For our customers

Improving customer experience, from listening to action

As part of its commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience, Air Liquide has set up in 2017 the “Voice of Customer” digital platform to collect and analyze customer feedback worldwide and to react immediately in case of dissatisfaction.

This platform allows each Air Liquide entity to measure customer satisfaction and share feedback throughout the Group in a spirit of continuous improvement and transparency. Over 150,000 customer feedback reports have already been submitted through the platform, deployed in more than 60 countries.

For our patients

Care for patients

With 1.8 million patients and 15,000 hospitals served worldwide, Air Liquide is a major player in the healthcare sector. Working alongside patients, professionals and hospitals, we aim to improve patients’ quality of life and contribute to a more efficient health system. Our employees’ mobilization during the Covid crisis has shown we can take on increasing responsibility in this area.

Improving the quality of life of chronic patients at home

In Home Healthcare, Air Liquide China takes care of patients with chronic conditions, such as respiratory diseases, through the brand VitalAire.

Working with healthcare professionals and caregivers, we are committed to improving patients’ quality of life by raising disease awareness, educating and empowering patients, identifying the outcomes that matter most to them, and personalizing services to their conditions and lifestyles.

Facilitating access to medical oxygen

Medical oxygen is critical for treating pneumonia, which claims the lives of more than 800,000 children under five years old every year in the world1. Yet wide gaps in access remain in most low- and middle-income countries. To help reduce child mortality, Air Liquide is expanding  its partnerships with NGOs2  to provide medical oxygen across those countries and open up access to their inhabitants.

1. WHO Maternal Child Epidemiology Estimation (WHO-MCEE) 2018.

2. Non-governmental organizations.


For our employees

Trust as the base to engage with our employees

Increasing Air Liquide’s positive impact means developing our employees’ ability to engage and go the extra mile for customers, patients and society as a whole. By creating a safer, more collaborative and inclusive work environment and providing the right support, we aim to empower our employees to develop their full potential. In Air Liquide China, manager trust score has increased significantly over the years and is among the top three scores according to annual employees’ engagement survey. 

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Break the bias

At Air Liquide, diversity is a source of dynamism, creativity and performance. An inclusive workplace with talents of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds is a key asset for the Group’s success.

With industry associations

Contributing to a more sustainable industry

As a signatory of the worldwide “Responsible Care” Charter initiative run by the International Council of Chemical Associations, Air Liquide gives its commitment to improve global performance in terms of health, safety and environmental data.

Through active participation in industry associations in China, such as China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) and Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM), Air Liquide works closely with peers to contribute to a more sustainable industry.

* Nicolas POIROT, President and CEO of Air Liquide China, was appointed the Chairman of AICM board in 2022.

For the society as a whole

Though “Air Liquide Care” community program

Air Liquide is committed to developing local economies, protecting life and the environment, and contributing to the development and prosperity of local communities. Under its “Air Liquide Care” umbrella program, Air Liquide China has implemented a series of corporate sustainability projects. These include: Safety Lectures for Kids, the “Marathon First Responder Program” to support sporting events, the annual tree-planting event “Green Action”, and the “Air Liquide Computer Classroom” which donates recycled computers to students in rural areas.

Climate Actions

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Trust as the base

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