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Our solutions for creating an inert atmosphere


In industrial settings, the storage and handling of various substances may compromise their quality and create potentially hazardous situations. Air Liquide has the know-how and experience to manage these risks with purging, blanketing and inert gas injection solutions.

Blanketing at a glance

Blanketing, also known as inerting, is the process of injecting an inert gas during steps in the storage, transport or production of products and at specific stages in the industrial process to eliminate oxygen or moisture present in atmospheric air. Because an inert gas does not interact directly with other compounds or materials, products are preserved and converted from a flammable or reactive condition into a safe, non-flammable and non-reactive state. Typical inert gases include nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide.

Blanketing is critical to a wide range of industries such as refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, agriculture storage, as well as food and beverage.

Our offer

As an expert in industrial gases, Air Liquide supplies inert gases, particularly nitrogen and argon, for blanketing and purging applications, along with dedicated equipment and gas-related services. We handle safety and manage risks expertly, drawing on our field expertise to support our customers.


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