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Our solution for your glass process
Air Liquide has provided industrial gases and related application technologies to thousands of customers in the field of glass manufacturing, and helped customers better control costs and improve product quality.

Glass at a glance

Glass manufacturing refers to the process of making minerals into various inorganic materials through smelting, enrichment, casting, rolling, annealing and other processes. In these processes, oxygen is used for oxyfuel combustion or oxidation, and nitrogen/hydrogen/argon etc. are used for reduction or atmosphere protection.


Our offer

As long standing experts in oxy-combustion, we have substantial R&D resources and solid experience in glass making thanks to our extensive network of field experts. Air Liquide provides solutions to all subsectors of the industry (from tableware and flat glass, to technical glass such as fiberglass or solar panels) at all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products.We provide glass manufacturers with comprehensive oxy-combustion solutions to improve their competitiveness.

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