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Large Industries

Advancing industry for a better future


Together with its customers, Air Liquide's Large Industries business line invents cleaner manufacturing solutions for a carbon neutral future. As a responsible corporate citizen of the industry, we aim to create a better world.

  • Safe, Reliable & Trustworthy Partner

  • Customer-centric Comprehensive Solution Provider

  • Low Carbon Offer to Support Customers' Carbon Neutrality Goal

Safe, Reliable & Trustworthy Partner

The Large Industries business line supplies gas and energy solutions to customers in the metals, chemicals, refining and energy industries, which are essential to their own core businesses, to improve process efficiency and reduce environmental footprints.

Through its plants and its extensive pipeline networks, Air Liquide provides oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and carbon monoxide to large industrial customers in large quantities

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200+ km

of pipelines

On top of its safe & reliable daily on-site operations, Air Liquide's Smart Innovative Operations Center located in Shanghai with forward-looking digital operation management tools aims to improve digital and intelligent control system and therefore ensure safety & reliability. 

Strong engineering capacities

Air Liquide benefits from dedicated in-house development and engineering teams (through Air Liquide Engineering & Construction), differentiating proprietary technologies and rigorous processes for selecting investments and carrying out projects. The biggest Large Industries customers are looked after by key account managers who have in-depth knowledge of customers’ businesses, as well as of their projects, industrial processes and global structure. This allows Air Liquide to maintain close contact with its customers, thus improving the Group’s responsiveness and competitiveness in terms of meeting their needs.

Customer-centric Comprehensive Solution Provider

Meeting the needs from different sectors

In the refining industry, hydrogen is required in large quantity to crack crude feed into different types of refined fuels and to remove sulfur compounds in the fuels through the processes known as hydrocracking and hydro-desulfuization. Hydrogen consumption varies upon quality of crude oil.

In the metals industry, Air Liquide supplies large volumes of oxygen to steel producers notably, the use of which improves their energy performance and significantly decrease their CO2 emissions. In steel making, the injection of Hydrogen at large scale to partially replace pulverized coal in blast furnaces reduced carbon dioxide emission. 

In the chemical field, nitrogen is commonly used in a great variety of processes such as inerting, blanketing and drying. Largest amount of nitrogen gas is also used in ammonia synthesis, during which hydrogen is catalytically reacted with nitrogen to form anhydrous liquid ammonia.

Oxygen is typically required in the process including oxidation, chlorination, and air enrichment for debottlenecking. However, syngas production unit, notably coal gasification plant, is the largest oxygen consumer. Carbon monoxide application is limited to mostly carbonylation and phosgenation reaction. A common product from carbonylation is acetic acid.  

Low Carbon Offer to Support Customers' Carbon Neutrality Goal

ACT for a sustainable future

Air Liquide has long been working to combine growth with concerns for the environment and society. 

ACT for a sustainable future


Hydrogen is at the heart of energy transition