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Engineering & Construction

Delivering innovation for a sustainable world

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction builds the Group’s production units - mainly air gas separation and renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production units - and supplies external customers with efficient, sustainable, customized technology and process solutions. As an experienced international Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, we are executing some of the most challenging projects today to meet the needs of our customers and the energy transition. We are committed to meet the global challenge of climate change by providing innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability that not only help our customers to grow their business, but to move to a low-carbon society.

Major Engineering center in China

Established in 1995, the entity has grown to be a major engineering and manufacturing center of Air Liquide Group over the past two decades. It specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing and constructing leading-edge air separation plants, syngas purification units, carbon monoxide plants, hydrogen recovery plants, and other industrial gas plants, with footprints covering more than 40 cities in China and worldwide. 

Engineering office based on proprietary Lurgi technologies

Engineering & Construction China also operates another major engineering office in Shanghai. It focuses on solution development and project execution based on proprietary Lurgi technologies such as Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) and gasification. In addition, it also provides technical support for licensing Lurgi technologies and is playing an increasingly important role for clean chemical conversion in China.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Center in Yantai

A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was invested by Air Liquide in 2020 in Yantai, Shandong. It is an important part of Air Liquide Group’s long term strategic planning. As one of the main Engineering & Construction centers,  it is for the manufacturing of mainly air gas separation and hydrogen production, providing energy efficient and sustainable supply for customers, to support the strategy of "Based in China, Serving the world" in the future. 

Key Figures

600+ Employees

140+ Large ASU References

390+ Standard Plant References

150,000 Maximum ASU Production Capacity (Nm3/h O2)

Our expertise

With 120 years of technological expertise in industrial gas production as an owner/operator, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a leader in its industry, stepping up to the urgent challenge of climate change and the energy transition to create the innovative technological solutions of the future.

Today we are continuing to work hand-in-hand with our customers, covering the entire project life cycle, to design the solutions that contribute to the quality of their products and the growth of their business, while optimizing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint.

Our technology portfolio is continually expanding as we develop new innovative solutions for our customers that support the development of a low-carbon society.

Full coverage of the entire project life cycle

  • Process technology
    Licensing engineering services & proprietary equipment

  • High-end engineering & design capabilities

  • Integrated solutions
    Project management and execution services

Contacts of Engineering & Construction in China


Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Shanghai Co., Ltd.


Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Hangzhou Co., Ltd. (Beijing Branch)

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction dedicated website

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