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Our full range of solutions for welding

For over 100 years, gases used for welding have been at the heart of Air Liquide's offers. Over time, our technologies and know-how have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers. We continually adapt our gas solutions to respond to the challenges of metal fabrication and assembly's manufacturing processes.

Welding at a glance



Welding joins workpieces, usually metals, by melting their edges so that they fuse together. The main process is arc welding. For this process, a gas is required to shield the liquid pool from the ambient air. Argon-based mixtures are the main industry shielding gases.

Our offer

Besides the argon-based mixtures, our range of premium gases can assist you in a better weld:

  • ARCAL™ for arc welding (TIG / MIG or MAG processes)
  • LASAL™ for laser cutting and welding

We also have a global network of hundreds of welding and cutting specialists that assist customers with programs aimed at reducing cost of operations, and optimizing for quality and speed.

Reducing your production cost with Nexelia™

Nexelia™ is Air Liquide's unique umbrella brand supporting all-in-one solutions, combining gas, process expertise and application technologies, with a commitment to performance. Nexelia™ for Laser Welding is designed to optimize weld quality and costs by using a combination of inert gases (Argon, Helium, or a mixture of both) and innovative nozzles. 


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