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Analysis & Quality Control

Our solutions to meet the needs of analytical laboratories

Air Liquide’s extensive expertise providing premium specialty gases and services for analyses and quality controls allows us to meet the needs of the analytical laboratories.

Analysis and Quality Control at a glance

Analytical laboratories use gases to run their lab instruments. These gases must be very high or ultra high-purity gases to ensure accurate analyses and protect the instruments. They also conduct analysis and quality controls on raw materials, end products and industrial emissions to detect the trace and quantity of different components and impurities.

Our offer

Air Liquide offers carbon dioxide and oxygen that will assist you in improving your productivity and output yield.

As a gas specialist with extensive experience in agriculture and aquaculture, Air Liquide through its ALTEC (Air Liquide Technology Center) team will work closely with you to offer not only its expertise as a supplier of gases, but also customising solutions to meet the needs of the industry's various production processes.


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