Advanced Technologies in China

ITER Cold Box manufacturing 10 © Laurent Lelong

Big science & fusion

In China and Asia, we offer cryogenic systems including helium refrigerators/liquefiers, hydrogen liquefiers and Turbo-Brayton for big science projects and other scientific applications.

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Space manufacturing19 © Laurent Lelong

Space & Aerospace

Space: Involved in space exploration, we develop energy production and storage technologies, as well as air purification equipment, to support future missions. Our expertise also includes launch infrastructure, on-board cryogenics, and ground test equipment for launchers and satellites.

Aerospace: We supply on-board and ground gas generation, storage and distribution systems: portable oxygen equipment, on-board gas generation systems, ground support equipment. We are also developing hydrogen technologies for tomorrow's aircraft and airports.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

We specialize in the design of fuel cell systems and stacks, the sub-assemblies of fuel cells. With 20 years of expertise, Air Liquide meets the needs of the stationary energy and hydrogen mobility markets, including automotive, cinema, logistics, telecommunications, marine, aeronautics, and aerospace.

We leverage the Group's expertise in the hydrogen sector, applying its unique global vision towards the design and development of innovative and customised solutions. The work meets the demanding technical specifications and needs of its customers.

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Overall solutions for hydrogen refueling station

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Biogas purifier7 © Constant Formé-Bècherat

Biogas Upgrading Unit

We offer you turnkey solutions for biogas upgrading suited to your needs: Purification, injection, compression,liquefaction. Our experts support you every step of the way, from design phase to the delivery of the operational unit.

Biogas is upgraded by separating methane and carbon dioxide via an innovative process that uses proprietary polymeric hollow fiber membranes made by Air Liquide (Medal*). This efficient system generates high quality biomethane(CH4 content up to 99.5%).


Advanced Separations

We provide original membrane manufacturing technology offers leading performance for nitrogen generation, hydrogen recovery, carbon dioxide removal, biogas and natural gas treatment. MEDAL™ membrane modules and complete systems can be customized to meet your unique needs for air separation, nitrogen generation, carbon dioxide removal and hydrogen purification.