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Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Overall solutions for hydrogen refuelling station

We provide hydrogen refuelling EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction) services for clients and provide clients with a safe, efficient, economical and unmanned hydrogen energy refuelling solution.

Our solutions

All- in- one hydrogen refuelling station: The compressor, dispenser, heat exchange system and nitrogen system are integrated into one skid which has the characteristics of highly compact structure and convenient installation.

G3M, GA-XS modular hydrogen refuelling station originated from Europe:It is composed of compressor skid, hydrogen storage bottle group and a dispenser module. Focus on modularity and expandability and high level of reliability 

Public hydrogen refuelling station: Public hydrogen refuelling station consists of a compression system, hydrogen storage facilities, dispensing process equipment, and a piping system which provides refuelling service for fuel cell vehicles.


Hydrogen compressor skid: The hydrogen compressor has independent intellectual property of Air Liquide Houpu. Types include: diaphragm compressor skids and hydraulic driven compressor skids. 

Gas unloading column: gas unloading column transports compressed hydrogen from the hydrogen tube trailer to  compressor or storage system with features of high efficiency, speed and safety.

Dispenser: dispenser provides hydrogen refuelling service for the vehicles with functions of metering, pricing, infrared detection etc. ALHP offers a wide range of dispensers, including single dispensers, double dispensers and dual dispensers.


Hydrogen mass flow meter: a measuring instrument with digital signal processing as the core function which realizes the automatic measurement of hydrogen.

Dispenser nozzle: applied optimized design of the automatic locking structure which realizes the intelligent coupling refueling of hydrogen for vehicles.

Breakaway: a special protection device that can be broken away and self-sealing to prevent leakage accidents caused by accidental breaking of the hose.

Verification device: it detects through remote or on-line operation of the host computer to realize the measurement accuracy and repeatability of hydrogen dispenser.

HRS control system

ALHP provides a customized control system, which consists of three subsystems: station-level  control system, IC card billing system and HopNet equipment operation and maintenance supervision platform.

  • Station- level control system: it is composed of PLC and SCADA system, which provides data support for hydrogen refuelling station management and improves operational efficiency and safety.
  • IC Card billing system
  • HopNet equipment operation and maintenance supervision platform.

After-sales service

ALHP has 30 service offices across the country to provide customers with 7*24 hours operation-support and maintenance services.

Project cases