Fulfilling the computer dream in a green way -- Air Liquide donates recycled computers to 2 rural schools near Hefei

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Right before the International Children's Day, the kids of Daiji Primary School and Yongfeng Primarily School in Changfen County, Hefei, received a special gift – green recycled computers donated by Air Liquide China to help them set up computer classrooms. The years-long dream of the kids became a reality.

Daiji Primary School and Yongfeng are both village primary schools with students from the rural families nearby. Due to the lack of funds to purchase computers, the schools were not able to carry out information course. After learning about the difficulty of the schools, Air Liquide China reached out immediately by collecting the computers in the company which were out of service but still in good working condition, getting them renewed in an environment-friendly manner through professional recycling vendor, and then donating the computers to the schools. In addition, the company also committed to provide a life time service of computer maintenance and consultation, as well as the ultimate recycling of the obsolete computers. As such, Air Liquide China not only promoted the reuse of the computers, reduced the pollution of e-waste to the environment, but also helped the kids of the 2 rural schools get the access to computers, acquire necessary IT knowledge and be connected to the broad information world.

As the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, social responsibility lies at the heart of Air Liquide's strategies. The company is committed to participating in the development of local economies, protecting life and the environment, and contributing to communities where Air Liquide operates. Following "Green Action" , the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program focusing on environment protection launched in 2009, Air Liquide launched in 2012 "Air Liquide Care" , another CSR program in China, aiming at providing support to communities by leveraging the resources of the company and commitment of the employees. The computer classrooms are a part of it. In addition the volunteers of Air Liquide China will regularly visit these schools to deliver knowledge on such subjects as safety and environmental protection to share their knowledge and help the children be exposed to a wider world. In the future, by making full use of its wide presence in China,Air Liquide will reachmore schools.

Mr. Remi Charachon, President & CEO of Air Liquide China, commented,“Children are our future. We are pleased to be doing our bit to improvethe study conditions of the rural children, and hope that with the assistance of the computers, they could acquire more useful knowledge, as well as widen their horizon and opportunities. By leveraging our company means and the goodwill of our employees, Air Liquide will continuously make active contributions to local communities.