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Air Liquide signed a record new 48 On-Site contracts for its Industrial Merchant business line in 2021

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Air Liquide signed 48 new long-term On-Site contracts for its Industrial Merchant business line in 2021. The gas volumes the Group will provide in the context of these new contracts are twice those provided within the contracts signed in 2020. On-Site solutions reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the Group’s Sustainable Development objectives. 

Over the past three years, the Group has reported a constant growth of the number of its new long-term On-Site contracts signed within its Industrial Merchant business line. Within the context of these new contracts, Air Liquide will invest, build and operate production units at its customers' sites. The 48 new On-Site contracts signed in 2021 will mainly serve our customers with nitrogen, oxygen or hydrogen in the energy, waste and water treatment, secondary electronics, mining and manufacturing growing markets.

All of these new production units will be digitally connected and remotely monitored by Air Liquide, allowing for predictive maintenance of these sites which helps increase the reliability of operations. Through data analytics, Air Liquide can work proactively with its customers to optimize the gas production and maintenance operations.

Producing large volumes of gases directly on the client's site contributes to Air Liquide's Sustainable Development objectives, in terms of emissions and road safety. It eliminates the need to liquefy gases for their transportation, which saves energy, but also reduces the number of trucks and mileage needed to deliver these products to the customer.

Matthieu Giard, Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the Air Liquide Group, supervising the Hydrogen activities and the Industrial Merchant business line, said: "The new record number of On-Site contracts in 2021 is coupled with a doubling of the volumes provided compared to those of last year's new contracts. This illustrates our customers' confidence in Air Liquide’s capacity to provide a competitive and reliable supply of industrial gases over the long term. Our technological expertise and innovation are now enhanced by the Group's digital capabilities and data analytics. On-Site gas supply contributes both to the Group long term performance and Sustainable Development objectives as it reduces carbon emissions."