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Nexelia™ for Water Treatment

Nexelia™ for Water Treatment is a comprehensive gas solution to boost your plant capacity, optimize operating costs, or resolve various foam and odor issues.

Industry Challenge

Wastewater treatment has become a major concern. In some regions, water is scarce, and environmental protection is a growing necessity. As a result, the industry needs reliable and cost-effective technologies to comply with today’s strict regulations regarding wastewater discharge. 

If you’re looking to boost your plant capacity, optimize operating costs, or resolve various foam and odor issues, industrial gases can provide you with a truly effective solution.

A comprehensive gas solution designed for and adapted to your specific needs, Nexelia™ for Water Treatment combines the best of our gases, application technologies and expert support. As with all solutions under the Nexelia™ label, we work closely with you to pre-define a concrete set of results, and we commit to delivering them.




Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment

An all-in-one gas solution, which consists of introducing pure oxygen into biological basins for the respiration of bacteria (activated sludge) which digest biodegradable pollution. Advanced gas injectors are used to dissolve oxygen in the wastewater.

Nexelia™ for pH Control

An all-in-one gas solution as well as an environmentally friendly option for pH control which can solve the problems inherent with a mineral acid using process. It encompasses everything from gas to dissolution systems for use of carbon dioxide for pH control of wastewater.

Nexelia™  for Remineralization

An all-in-one gas solution, which provides process expertise on system design, and equipment for safe and effective carbon dioxide dissolution into the water. It encompasses everything from the most suitable liquid carbon dioxide supply, dosing and control cabinet, and static mixers or injection systems in pipe in pipe or bypass modes.

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