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Nexelia™ for Glass

A comprehensive gas solution designed for your specific needs, Nexelia™ for Glass Finishing transforms plain-looking glass containers into prestige final products while ensuring outstanding performance, safety and environmental protection.

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Nexelia for Melting - Heat Oxy-Combustion

Nexelia for Melting-Heat Oxy-Combustion is an innovative technology that consists of preheating oxygen and natural gas at high temperature generated by combustion fumes. Compared to oxy-combustion without preheating, it reduces fuel and oxygen consumption to the extent that oxy-combustion is economically beneficial to all types of glass.

Nexelia for Melting - Oxy-Combustion

Nexelia for Melting Oxy-Combustion uses pure oxygen instead of air, offering optimal glass-melting conditions by improving heat transfer.  Air is commonly used to provide oxygen for combustion to heat industrial furnaces. Oxy-combustion is based on the enrichment of air with pure oxygen to improve the overall energy efficiency of the glass-melting process.

Nexelia for Melting -Oxy- Boosting

Based on our groundbreaking technology, Nexelia for Melting Oxy-Boosting uses pure oxygen instead of air combustion, offering optimal glass-melting conditions by improving heat transfer. Oxy-boosting directly funnels pure oxygen through one or several lances inserted in or close to the air burners.

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