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Energy transition

Address the challenges of tomorrow

To address climate change, it is time, more than ever, to take actions. China pledged that its carbon dioxide emissions will peak, stabilize and then decline by 2030, and the country will be carbon neutral and have fully established a green, low-carbon and circular economy by 2060.

Accelerating in hydrogen

Hydrogen is a cornerstone of the energy transition. It offers a tremendous growth potential as a competitive low-carbon solution for many applications in the industrial, energy and mobility sectors. Deeply convinced that hydrogen will play a major role in the energy transition, Air Liquide intends to be a key enabler of the hydrogen society thanks to its assets, technology and expertise.

x3 sales in hydrogen

Our hydrogen revenues will at least triple in size, increasing from 2 billion to more than 6 billion euros by 2035.

€ 8 billion investment

Approximately 8 billion euros will be invested in the low-carbon hydrogen supply chain by 2035.

50+ HRS

Hydrogen refueling stations installed in China (as of July 2022).

Developing biomethane to contribute to circular economy


Biomethane units in China

Biomethane is an upgraded form of biogas which can be used to fuel trucks, fed into the grid or used for industrial applications in place of fossil-based natural gas. Moreover, as it is produced from waste products, this renewable form of natural gas has a highly positive environmental impact. We design, manufacture, and operate biomethane production units that transform biogas from agricultural, household, or industrial waste so that it can be injected into domestic networks.

Air Liquide has delivered 7 biomethane upgrading units in China as of July 2022.

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