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China: Air Liquide Opens Electronic Components & Packaging Competence Center at the Shanghai Research & Technology Center

  • China

Air Liquide in China today officially launched its “Electronic Components & Packaging" (ECP) Competence Center with a seminar on "The Future of Gas Applications in Electronics Manufacturing." The event, co-organized with Shenzhen Elecassembel Consultants, featured experts speaking on current challenges and opportunities in the gas applications field.

The new center, based within the recently inaugurated Shanghai Research & Technology Center, will offer a full range of services for China-based Electronics Manufacturing customers, from R&D on gas applications to product and solution demonstrations as well as pilot and sample runs. The first priority for the new center will be theoretic researches on gases and the development of new gas applications for the Electronics Manufacturing industry to support Air Liquide's commercial team. In particular, the center will introduce customers to complete production lines for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and PTH (Plated Through Hole), and will showcase Air Liquide's solutions for Electronics Manufacturing.

Initially, the ECP Competence Center will focus on consulting regarding gas applications in the Electronics Manufacturing industry. But as the center matures and develops, it will expand into problem-solving for customers, assisting them in increasing product quality and reducing costs incurred by defects. Another important value-added service for customers will be customized training.

Philippe Queille, Vice-President of R&D for Air Liquide in Asia Pacific, said: "Today's Electronics Manufacturing industry is characterized by intense competition, continuous technological advancement, and increasing challenges in terms of achieving reliability. With this in mind, the supply of industrial gases for Electronics Manufacturing is a critical component to successful commercial operations. Our new ECP Competence Center will strive to identify best practices related to gas use in Electronics Manufacturing, providing critically important expertise for our customers.”