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Caring for the environment - Air Liquide China 2016 “Green Action” in full swing

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Cashing in on the fine weather of early spring, about 40 employees from Air Liquide in China joined in the tree-planting activity held at its newly opened Shanghai Research & Technology Center on March 24. Led by Marcelo Fioranelli, Vice-President, China Cluster, Air Liquide Group and Yan Jinping, Chief Operating Officer, Air Liquide China, the event took its annual "Green Action" campaign to new heights.

As an annual nationwide tree-planting campaign organized by Air Liquide China since 2009, "Green Action" aims to raise its employees' environmental protection awareness. Each year, the campaign is gaining increasing popularity among its staff all over China. Last year, over 600 employees and their family members from 37 sites in 29 cities in China participated in the campaign locally, planting a total of over 1500 trees.

Yan Jinping commented: "Through campaigns like "Green Action" , we want to deliver the message to our employees that corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn't just an abstract concept. Rather, it's something we can do in our daily life. And it is just these small deeds that make big differences. As a responsible corporate citizen, Air Liquide China is proud to witness the increasing CSR spirit among its employees, and will continue to encourage the reflection of CSR mindset in the daily operations of our business to contribute to the green development of China.”

Responsibility is at the core of Air Liquide. The company is devoted to developing local economies, protecting life and the environment, and contributing to communities. Under its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) umbrella program called "Air Liquide Care", in addition to "Green Action" , Air Liquide China promotes other initiatives such as "Air Liquide Computer Classroom" , through which the company provides recycled computers and training courses to help primary school students in rural areas.