from invest to production
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We invest and operate organic waste resource utilization projects, transforming agricultural, household or industrial wastes into biomethane through our biogas upgrading units. Biomethane has many applications, notably clean mobility (trucks, buses, ferries, etc.), industrial heating or low carbon hydrogen production.

It could be injected into domestic grids, compressed or liquefied and transported to the end users. We master its entire value chain. Our mission is to create and contribute to a circular economy for a sustainable future with biomethane.

Our solutions

Biogas upgrading scheme EN 11.18 © Air Liquide - Ginette

We offer a complete solution to invest, build, own, operate and maintain biogas plants for multiple high value products such as biomethane, electricity, organic fertilizer, phytrodren, CO2, etc.

  • Financial investment
  • Advanced biogas upgrading technology
  • Operational expertise
  • Sales channels for final products
  • R&D support for plant performance improvement
  • Carbon neutral solutions to customers and ecosystems