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Air Liquide’s state-of-the-art Electronic Materials Center China ready for mass production

  • China

On November 19, 2014, Air Liquide held an inauguration ceremony for the last phase of its Electronic Materials Center China (EMCC), located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province. With the completion of this phase, this facility will be able to even better supply all electronics semi-conductors, flat-panel display and photovoltaic industries with specialty materials. It becomes the electronic center for mass production and trans-filling, analytical and quality management, supply chain management, and emergency response in China.

EMCC was established in Zhangjiagang in 2008, due to its convenient location within East China's electronics manufacturing hub. With state-of-the-art processes and equipment, highly efficient and specialized management systems, EMCC allows Air Liquide to provide electronic customers with high quality, safe, reliable and competitive electronic materials and value-added services.

The semiconductor, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries continue to develop rapidly, driving the growth of the electronic specialty materials market. Air Liquide China's EMCC expansion echoes this trend through localizing the production of newer and more specialty electronic materials.

Occupying nearly 25,000 square meters, the expanded site now includes: one of the largest high-capacity silane (SiH4) trans-filling centers in China; new production facilities of high-purity, electronics-grade nitrous oxide (N2O), high-precision automated phosphine (PH3) blending system, and multi-gas blending systems.

Mr. Marcelo Fioranelli, President & CEO of Air Liquide China, commented: "With the upgraded facilities, EMCC will become a strong base to support the rapid development of China's electronics industries. This new expansion manifests Air Liquide’s commitment to pursuing profitable and sustainable growth in China and strengthening its partnerships with customers.”