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Air Liquide’s commitment to Responsible Care in China

  • China

Air Liquide China participated in the new signing ceremony held by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) in Shanghai on June 18, 2014, to renew the commitment to the "Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto".

AICM represents a broad range of international chemical manufacturers with a common mission to contribute to the construction of a "beautiful China" , the development of a harmonious society and the sustainable growth of China' s chemical industry through Responsible Care programs. The Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto was launched by AICM in 2008 as a means to demonstrate leadership and a clear path forward for the effective management of the industry.

Mr. Marcelo Fioranelli, President & CEO, Air Liquide China, commented: "As a signatory member company of the Manifesto, Air Liquide reiterates its commitment to the sustainable development of the local society and the industry by continuously improving performance in safety, health and environment protection. We will also continue to deliver innovative products and solutions to address the challenges facing the society, share Responsible Care best practices with partners, customers and suppliers and build great relationships with stakeholders such as the community, the public and the government." 

Air Liquide China's dedication to Responsibility was also recognized at the 7th Shanghai Public Relations Excellence Awards ceremony held in Shanghai on June 19, 2014. The company was awarded the Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award for its recycled computer donation program which aims to help students in the rural areas acquire computer knowledge and broaden their horizon. The program was launched in 2012. Till now, four Air Liquide Computer Classrooms have been established respectively in Hefei, Maoming and Yichun.