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Air Liquide Signs Contract with APP

  • China

With the increasing industrialization and urbanization in China, water treatment has aroused a wide attention. Over the last decade, Air Liquide China has actively promoted innovative solutions to address concerns related to waste water treatment of various industries, such as paper, food, textile, chemical, and helping them to minimize their environmental impact.

Air Liquide China has just signed a supply contract with Golden Huasheng Paper Company, a subsidiary of APP Group (Sinar Mas Group). Under the terms of the contract, Air Liquide will provide 6 sets of TURBOXAL equipments and 9 tons of liquid oxygen per day to the customer's plant in Suzhou for the treatment of 30,000 tons of waste water per day. With this contract, Air Liquide officially introduces the Group's innovative ASPALTM solution into the Chinese market.

ASPALTM is a branded solution developed by Air Liquide Group dedicated to water treatment. It adopts the pure oxygen boosting technology which increases the efficiency of oxygen transfer up to 80-90% compared with the traditional air boosting technology. It thus notably enhances the concentration and activeness of microbes, and consequently, effectively improves the bio-productivities of the facilities for better discharge quality, with less consumption of energy and chemical additives. ASPALTM is a total solution integrating technology, equipment, oxygen supply. It features the advantages of compact design, low investment, easy installation and maintenance, as well as easy adaptation to each of customer' s needs.

Mr. Jean-Yves Iatrides, Senior Vice-President of Air Liquide China, in charge of Industrial Merchant & Acquisitions, commented, "We' re glad to supply Golden Huasheng Paper with our innovative comprehensive solution for waste water treatment. It' s the first application reference of ASPALTM in China. We are committed to bring to our customer our expertise coming from decades of experience accumulated and to support the Chinese manufacturers’ business growth while contributing to a better environment. Environment is a growth driver of Air Liquide."

APP Group, founded in 1962, ranks among the top 5 paper manufacturers in the world with a total asset of 20 billion U.S. dollars. The Group is engaged in four major business activities, pulp and paper products, agribusiness and food, financial services, and real estates. Golden Huasheng Paper, wholly invested by APP Group, was established in 1996, and is today the biggest carbonless copying paper producer in China.