Air Liquide provides logistic service and backup hydrogen supply for Shanghai World Expo

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Air Liquide has just signed an agreement with ENN Group to provide delivery service and backup hydrogen supply for the hydrogen refilling stations serving the Shanghai World Expo. Under the agreement, Air Liquide will provide all the logistics means, including trailers and tractors, for the transportation of hydrogen. In addition, Air Liquide's hydrogen sources will be used as backup in order to ensure a safe and reliable supply of hydrogen during the World Expo.

During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, about 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be used on the Expo site to transport visitors and guests. Accordingly, two hydrogen refilling stations will be put into service by ENN with the new one in Jiyang Road, Pudong District of Shanghai, being the main hydrogen refilling station, and the original one in Anting as a backup one.

Air Liquide has over 40 years' experience in hydrogen, covering its entire chain from production, storage, distribution to application. While continuing to channel its' efforts into hydrogen research and development, Air Liquide is also participating in large international demonstration projects such as Horizon Hydrogen Energy Program (H2E) of European Union, Driveway Project in USA and Challenge Bibendum dedicated to clean mobility. In the past few years, it has already supplied more than 40 hydrogen fueling stations around the world. In Canada, Air Liquide signed a contract for 20 hydrogen powered buses which were also used on the occasion of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games.

In addition to supplying certified hydrogen fuel, Air Liquide designed, built, operates and maintains the filling station that keeps B.C.'s new fleet of green buses on the move. It is the largest hydrogen filling station in the world.

ENN is a comprehensive group engaging in delivering clean energy solutions to millions of customers. Founded in 1989, ENN Group has grown into a multinational corporation with more than 100 subsidiaries in over 80 cities in China, USA, Europe and Hong Kong etc.

“We are very pleased to establish this hydrogen supply arrangement with Air Liquide," said Ms. Ge Hua, GM of XinAo Gas Holdings Limited, "With its rich experience in hydrogen, Air Liquide will surely make strong contribution to the Shanghai World Expo hydrogen vehicle demonstration project.”

“We' re very proud to be selected by ENN Group to provide logistic service and backup hydrogen source during the Shanghai World Expo," commented Mr. Remi Charachon, President & CEO of Air Liquide China, "Hydrogen is indeed a promising alternative solution, both in environmental and economic aspect. Air Liquide boasts world-class capabilities in hydrogen in Shanghai area which will enable the delivery of high-value solutions and contribution to a low-carbon Expo!”