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Air Liquide promotes innovative solutions for welding-cutting industry

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Recently, Air Liquide China successfully participated in the 17th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair which is renowned as one of the two top international exhibitions in welding-cutting sector. At the fair, Air Liquide promoted its comprehensive solutions in the field of welding-cutting, including specific gas mixtures, welding machines and welding materials.The 2 patented brands of ALTOP and LASAL were among the most innovative solutions presented this year.

Air Liquide ALTOP is an innovative system developed to equip the cylinder of ARCAL shielding gases. It features a fixed ergonomic safety cap with a fully integrated pressure regulator, cylinder valve, and flow meter in one convenient, user-friendly package. Compared to the traditional cylinder, the built-in regulator makes it easier to control the flow of gas and eliminate accidental exposure to high-pressure gas flow. The innovative quick action on/off lever enables easy opening of the cylinder and a rapid shut down when not in use. The quick connector simplifies the cylinder replacement process. The shock-absorbing cap can protect the cylinder from accidental damage if cylinder falls. ALTOP provides improved cylinder handling and safety in an innovative, easy-to-use design that increases on-the-job efficiency while reducing overall costs, therefore it's well recognized by the welding customers worldwide.

LASAL is a branded solution developed for laser cutting industry. It provides a wide range of pure gases and gas mixtures used as lasing gas, assistant gas, as well as related equipment and installation service for most of the existing laser cutting brands. In the cutting process, the purity and mixing precision of the gasses are vital to the stability and reliability of the output power of lasing generator, which can directly impact the cutting precision. Air Liquide's LASAL provides a strict control on gas purity and mixing accuracy to help customers effectively enhance the cutting precision and production efficiency with reduced cost, consequently, the customers can better benefit from the final products with much more improved performance.

Since its entry into the Chinese market in the 20th century, Air Liquide has been committed to providing customers with professional gas applications and related services. Combining Group's innovative technologies and strong local operations, Air Liquide China not only provides the welding-cutting industry with dedicated solutions so as to improve the welding quality and reduce cost, but also introduces optimized industry solutions for such industries as energy, steel, chemical, high-tech and healthcare, with the aim to help customers achieve sustainable business growth.