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Air Liquide joint collaboration with Zhejiang University

  • China

In tomorrow's carbon-constrained world, oxycombustion technological innovations will play an important role in Air Liquide's efforts to provide customers with low-carbon-footprint technologies. Many opportunities have been identified in such growing markets as China which has strong reliance on coal as an energy source. Air Liquide is developing innovative technologies in order to satisfy the increasing demand and provide solutions in terms of efficiency and environment protection.  

In line with the Chinese government's commitment towards energy savings and reduction of carbon emission, Air Liquide and the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (CEU) from Zhejiang University have decided to join their expertise to develop new solutions for cleaner and more efficient combustion of coal using oxygen. The joint laboratory is based mainly on a new R&D combustion platform equipped with the most advanced pilot furnace dedicated for oxycombustion in China, co-financed by the two partners.

This combustion platform will have some unique features in China with a furnace able to test new burners up to 2MW using fuel-oil and pulverized coal. The Chinese industry will benefit from the academic and practical knowledge developed at the Joint Lab. Increased efficiency and cleaner combustion is expected to result from the common collaboration.

Air Liquide Research and Development has achieved a strong expertise in combustion and burners development for 60 years. The two Air Liquide existing combustion platforms (France and USA) help R&D teams to meet rapidly customer's requirements. Oxycombustion is also one of the promising solutions to capture and store CO2 from industrial activities to contribute to face energy challenges. Air Liquide is participating in demonstration projects worldwide.

Rémi Charachon, President & CEO, Air Liquide China has commented, "We are particularly pleased to celebrate the opening of our Joint Laboratory with our partner Zhejiang University. Once again it demonstrates the Group's commitment to sustainable development and the fight against climate change. The Chinese market is an important geographical area for Air Liquide where we have great growth opportunities through the unique combination of our strong local presence, technology and competences.”