Air Liquide invests in a new ultra high purity ammonia plant in China

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The LED (Light Emitting Diode) industry consumes a large quantity of ultra high purity ammonia in production, while its product quality is strongly influenced by the purity of this gas. Nowadays, most of the ultra high purity ammonia in China relies on import, which leads to higher cost and longer lead-time.

To support the strong growth of LED industry in China, Air Liquide has decided to invest in a new ultra high purity ammonia plant in Jiangsu province with a production capacity of 4,000 tonnes per year. The plant will be designed and built by the Korean company CoreTech and the start-up of the plant is scheduled mid 2011.

CoreTech, which has already a long experience in Korea in the gas purification, will contribute to this project providing its experience and technology in the high purity ammonia.

Mr. Rémi Charachon, President & CEO of Air Liquide China said, "The decision to invest in this ammonia plant in China will complete Air Liquide's offer by providing the most efficient and full-scale industrial gas supply solution to the booming LED and other high-tech industries such as photovoltaic and Flat Panel Display (FDP). I am glad we cooperate with CoreTech which has demonstrated a high level of expertise and innovative culture in becoming a leader in the high purity gases sector in Korea. Chinese industry will benefit from the reliability and competitiveness of this new plant. High-tech is one of the growth drivers of the Air Liquide Group."

Dr. Moon Young Hwan, President of CoreTech said,“We are very happy to work on this project with Air Liquide. In fact, we have been working with Air Liquide for many years in supplying products from Korea. Thanks to this investment, we will strengthen and expand our cooperation area, and I wish Air Liquide and Coretech a full success in their joint effort to develop on the Chinese market."