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Air Liquide introduces the hot nitrogen inerting system to electronics assembly industry

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In the 18th NEPCON South China 2012 held recently, Air Liquide introduced its advanced brand solution ALIXTM for electronics assembly industry. As the latest sub-brand of ALIXTM, ALIXTM Inertwave HT, the hot nitrogen inerting system developed for wave soldering process, attracted special attention.

ALIXTM is a patented brand solution developed by Air Liquide Group for electronics assembly and soldering process, covering wave soldering, reflow soldering, storage of electronic components, HALT/HASS testing and PCB cleaning. As the latest member of the ALIXTM family, ALIXTM Inertwave HT is an innovative solution dedicated to for wave soldering process. By using heated nitrogen for the process, ALIXTM Inertwave HT can create a more stable nitrogen inerting atmosphere and reduce oxygen to 50ppm, thus effectively reduce oxidation, significantly improve soldering joint quality and decrease soldering defect rate. Moreover, this new generation technology enables customers to significantly reduce the flux consumption and decrease solder dross by up to 85%~97%, which not only brings cost saving, but also helps protect the environment as well as improves the working conditions of operators.

General Manager of Air Liquide South China, Mr. Lim Boon Sung was present at the exhibition. He commented, "South China has the biggest electronic assembly and packaging market in China which offers a broad prospect for Air Liquide's ALIXTM technologies. By bringing significant quality improvement and cost saving, we believe that ALIXTM Inertwave HT will bring competitive edge to its customers, which becomes especially important in the current economic context. In future, we will provide high value-added products and services to more customers in this region."

Since its entry into the Chinese market in the 20th century, Air Liquide has been committed to providing customers with innovative gas application technologies. Combining Group's expertise and strong local operations, Air Liquide China not only provides the electronics assembly industry with dedicated solutions so as to improve product quality and reduce cost, but also introduces optimized industry solutions for such industries as energy, steel, chemical, high-tech and healthcare, with the aim to help customers achieve sustainable business growth.

About NEPCON China
NEPCON China is one of China's largest, longest standing and most comprehensive surface mounted technology (SMT) trade shows. It not only offers an excellent opportunity for electronics manufacturers to demonstrate new products and cutting-edge technologies, but also promotes communication and exchange within the industry. The 2011 edition of NEPCON China was held on August 30th at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and attracted approximately 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions, as well as 26,000 local and international visitors. Air Liquide China introduced at the event its branded solutions developed for electronics assembly industry, which include ALIXTM Reflow (nitrogen supply for reflow soldering), ALIXTM Inertwave (wave inert system), ALIXTM Dry box and ALIXTM Cryo (liquide nitrogen supply for HASS/HALT test).