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Air Liquide China brings greenery to Shanghai elementary schools

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It’s tree-planting season at Air Liquide China again. On March 24, the company continued its tradition of planting trees as a Corporate Social Responsibility project each spring when around 30 employees visited Xinzhuang Industrial Park in Shanghai’s Minhang District, to spend the morning planting some trees on the grounds of two local schools – Tianhengmingdu Kindergarten and Xindu Primary School.

In selecting the trees for planting, Air Liquide China chose either fruit trees or flowering trees. This allowed the activity to not only add beauty to the schools, but also to help educate children about different stages of growth as they care for the trees.

Commenting on the event, Air Liquide China Chief Operating Officer Yan Jinping said: “This year marks the first time we have brought our 9-year tradition of tree-planting to schools in our community. I was so pleased to see the children actively involved in the activity. It was a meaningful way to connect them to nature and their environment, which is also an extension of our company’s environmental protection culture.”

As an annual nationwide tree-planting campaign organized by Air Liquide China since 2009, “Green Action” aims to raise awareness of environmental protection among employees. The campaign has grown popular among company staff across China in recent years. Last year, over 600 employees and their family members from 58 sites in 35 cities across China participated in the campaign locally, planting a total of over 1,700 trees.

Responsibility is at the core of Air Liquide culture. The company commits itself to developing local economies, protecting life and the environment, and contributing to communities. Under its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) umbrella program called “Air Liquide Care”, in addition to “Green Action”, Air Liquide China promotes other initiatives including the “Marathon First Responder Program”, “Road Safety Lectures”, and the recycled computer donation program “Air Liquide Computer Classroom”.