Air Liquide China awarded Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2013

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Air Liquide China was recently awarded "2013 Ringier Outstanding Supplier Metalworking", a category of Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2013, with its patented ARCALTM and ALTOPTM solutions developed by the Air Liquide Group.

ARCALTM (ARCALTM Reference/Tech) is the reference gas solution for arc welding. In compliance with ISO14175, this solution imposes strict control on the impurity content, and ensures consistency and homogeneity of the mixture by automated filling procedures. Its dedicated package and specific internal surface treatment prevent the cylinders from being polluted. As a result, ALCALTM significantly increases welding speed, reduces spatter, optimizes welding quality, so as to meet the customers’ increasing requirements for quality and productivity. In addition, ARCALTM integrates another Air Liquide patent – ALTOPTM.

Launched in China in 2012, ALTOPTM is an innovative packaging solution developed for the cylinders of packaged gases, which integrates gas regulator, cylinder valve and valve guard in a user-friendly package to avoid the risk of handling high pressure gas. It is safe and easy to use, improves operation-efficiency and reduces overall cost.

With more than 180-year history, Ringier is one of the largest international media companies with its headquarters in Switzerland. The Ringier Technology Innovation Award for industrial companies was inaugurated by Ringier Trade Media in 2006, aiming to recognize those individuals and companies that introduced innovative products and technologies to improve the industrial process.

Mr. Marcelo Fioranelli, President & CEO of Air Liquide China, commented, "As the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, Air Liquide is committed to serving the Chinese market with its advanced products and value-added technical solutions. We'll continue to leverage our advantages in innovative technology to help local customers improve their industrial processes, productivity and product quality."