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Hydrogen refuelling station

Hydrogen refueling

Air Liquide is contributing to the deployment and growing use of hydrogen by developing technologies that implement it. The hydrogen refuelling stations that we design and manufacture are dedicated to filling cars, buses, trucks, trains and, in the near future, ships and airplanes. We provided and participated in 150 hydrogen refuelling stations globally.

Liquid hydrogen refueling

Air Liquide is supporting Daimler Truck AG in a comprehensive test campaign on the fuel cell truck Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck, which had been presented in 2020. We not only provide the liquid hydrogen (LH2) and a mobile refuelling solution, but are also on site with experts.


Air Liquide Houpu Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd. (“ALHP”) in China, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, focusing on manufacture, sales, research and development of the equipment of hydrogen refuelling stations. ALHP provided hydrogen refuelling stations for commercial and passenger vehicles integration solutions for Sinopec Group and Shenergy Group and the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station in Daxing Beijing.

ALHP hydrogen refuelling stations in China

ALHP provides a customized control system for hydrogen refuelling station, which consists of three subsystems: station-level control system, IC card billing system and HopNet equipment operation and maintenance supervision platform.

  • Station level control system

  • IC card billing system

  • HopNet platform

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