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High pressure gas and liquid hydrogen

High pressure gas hydrogen storage

Air Liquide can provide high pressure gas hydrogen storage solutions covering 1 Nm3/h to 1000 Nm3/h in China.
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    Gas cylinder

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To date, Air Liquide have built or are designing and constructing more than 40 Hydrogen Liquefaction Units with different processes and capacities. 

Being both a supplier to plant customers and an operator of its own plants, Air Liquide selects in each case the most suitable solution and process to the particular requirements of each customer taking into account.

Liquid hydrogen storage

Hydrogen is most commonly transported and delivered as a liquid when high-volume transport is needed in the absence of pipelines.


    HYLIAL, a range of hydrogen liquefier based on the principle of helium cycles. We can provide a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs and to fit diverse applications in industry, space and hydrogen energy.

  • Hydrogen Production Plant North Las Vegas, Nevada 110

    Large size LH2 plant

    Air Liquide announced the opening of our world’s largest 30 t/d liquid hydrogen production and logistics infrastructure in North Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA in May 2022. This facility will provide clean renewable hydrogen to meet the growing demand for mobility markets and will contribute to decarbonizing industries.

What solution for hydrogen liquefaction?

Liquid Hydrogen

Find out about hydrogen liquefaction we offer.

Our world's largest 30tpd LH2 plant