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Biogass reforming and water electrolysis


Carbon emission

Biogass reforming to clean hydrogen

Air Liquide's technical expertise spans the entire biomethane value chain, and we design, manufacture, and operate biomethane production units that transform biogas from agricultural, household, or industrial waste so that it can be injected in networks. Air Liquide owns and operates 21 biomethane production units installed worldwide.

Biomethane has many applications, it can be used to produce bio-hydrogen, as demonstrated recently with the opening of a public hydrogen station in Offenbach am Main in Germany in partnership with Hyundai.


Carbon emission

Water electrolysis

In order to produce hydrogen with a minimal carbon footprint, one solution consists of separating the water molecule (H2O) by using renewable electricity: and that is where the water electrolysis process comes into play.

PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology is particularly interesting for the production of low-carbon hydrogen as its functioning is able to better adapt to the fluctuations in available energy - and therefore to the intermittent nature of renewable energies - than other technologies.

What solution for renewable hydrogen?

Renewable Hydrogen

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PEM electrolyzer