Electronics in China

CQC™ and APIX™


CQC is a customised solution for real-time measurement of the concentration of certain major impurities and permanent production line monitoring. It consists of a Gas Cabinet  including a set of very high purity analysers, a sampling system and a monitoring system.


APIX is a standard solution used throughout the world for network qualification or ultra-pure distribution, or to preserve the  integrity of a semiconductor type production line.It is the reference CQC system for analyzing vector gases at ppt level.



JPC Purifier

We propose purification systems produced by Japan Pionics Co. Ltd.(JPC). With local support in China, timely startup and routine service are both available.

Depending on the applications, impurities to be eliminated or flow  capacity to process, several  technologies can be used to  complete our ULTRAL range:  VPE (adsorption), UOP (catalyst + adsorption), URT (Getter),  JLS (Palladium membrane).



The ULTRAL™ Purifier

ULTRAL H2 and He are cryogenic purifiers working at 5 to 1,000 Nm3/h, providing continuous and reversible  purification of hydrogen or helium for applications with a very high level of purity (sub ppb) and at low operating cost.


ULTRAL LN2 and ULTRAL LAr are cryogenic purifiers for applications requiring very high levels of purity (sub ppb). Economical solutions are offered by purifying LN2 and LAr directly at the output of a tanker  truck or any other source.

Oxygen Analyzer

Various types of oxygen spectrometers are provided for different users, mainly from semiconductor industries that require extremely high purity. They are developed and manufactured by Air Liquide Japan, which dates back to 1977. It is equipped with a built-in calibration system and the lowest detection limit can reach 20 ppt, reaching the highest accuracy level in the world.