Advanced Technologies

Big science & fusion

We support laboratories, research centers, R&D, major scientific instrument manufacturers and quantum computing players with our expertise in mechanical cold production, gas liquefaction, storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids at extremely low temperatures.

Space manufacturing19 © Laurent Lelong


Involved in space exploration, we develop energy production and storage technologies, as well as air purification equipment, to support future missions. Our expertise also includes launch infrastructure, on-board cryogenics, and ground test equipment for launchers and satellites.

Protetive smoke hood manufacturing1 © Chloé Perez


We supply on-board and ground gas generation, storage and distribution systems: portable oxygen equipment, on-board gas generation systems, ground support equipment. We are also developing hydrogen technologies for tomorrow's aircraft and airports.


hydrogen stations installed worldwide

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

We are contributing to the deployment and growing use of hydrogen by developing technologies that implement it. The hydrogen stations that we design and manufacture are dedicated to filling cars, buses, trucks, trains and, in the near future, ships and airplanes.

Biogas production site02 © James Bastable

Biogas Upgrading Unit

We design and manufacture biogas purification units, based on our proprietary membrane technologies, for all types of biogas to obtain biomethane.
We also design and supply liquefaction units to liquify the biomethane which is then distributed in liquid form to its point of use.

AdvancedSeparation_Medal01_©Moris Malakoff 01

Advanced Separations membranes

We have a unique and high performance portfolio of products based on permeation (membranes) to serve Aerospace and Marine, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, and Energy Transition (Biogas purification) markets.